First, you will need to determine the total square footage of your project.   For more complex jobs it is best to divide your project into smaller, easier to measure shapes. 

Once you have measured all the individual shapes, add them together to find your total square footage.  Factor in an additional 2-3% for odd or irregular shaped areas, it is better to have a small amount left over than to arrange for additional sod.


In keeping with our goal to provide our customers with the highest quality turf possible, we plan to only cut sod on the day for which it has been ordered. We ask that our customers please call ahead for pickups and deliveries.

Irregular areas can be divided into sections of regular geometric shapes, calculate the area of each section, then total.

Please note all turf is cut to order, sorry no walk-ins.  

1 roll of sod = 9 sq. ft. (approx. 81" x 16")


To order please call us at


All orders must be placed via phone, we do not accept 

e-mailed orders. 


Please note all turf is cut to order. Sorry no walk-ins. Lead time for turf can be anywhere from a couple of days, to a week or more depending on the current weather conditions and the time of year.



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