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City of Kelowna's Water Utility $150 Turf Rebate 

Save Money...

Now you can save money while saving water!  Kelowna's Water Utility residents and contractors who have applied for an Irrigation Application may qualify for a $150 rebate on a Smart Irrigation Controller or Drought Tolerant Turf.  

Our locally grown Water Wise turf blend is extremely water efficient and is some of the highest quality Bluegrass available on the market today.  Macdonnell Turf Farms qualifies for the City of Kelowna's Water Smart program.


How to Qualify for the Water Smart Program Rebate:

- Rebate applies to new or renovated landscapes, over 100 square meters.

- Rebate applies only to properties where an irrigation permit has been taken out.

- Property must be located within the City of Kelowna Water Utility Service area.  You can check if you are in the City of Kelowna's Water Utility by visiting:


- If your property qualifies for the program, a $150 rebate cheque will be mailed within 30 days of receiving the invoice to whoever takes out the permit.  Limit of one rebate per property.

Once the installation is complete send a copy of your invoice to:

You can also mail a copy to:
Water Smart
214-1789 Harvey Avenue
Kelowna  V1Y 6G7


For more detailed instructions, and an electronic application, please visit:

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